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Some email notifications aren't being sent out. We're working to fix this. It's due to us changing our servers. Our servers are up and running except for some email functionality at the moment. We're working on resolving this as soon as possible!


Export monthly logs - You can export to CSV via Log Consolidator! (10th November 2016)

Get monthly log and display it via the Monthly Log Consolidator - Log Consolidator Dashboard does it! (9th November 2016)

Get monitor status information via IRC! - We're on IRC.FREENODE.NET in #UptimeTrack. Message the user UptimeTrack with 'status api_key' but replace api_key with one from your monitors to get information about your monitor status! (4th November 2016)

API Server Uptime, Server RAM, Server Load Integration - API functions added! (1st November 2016)

Public Status Pages for your customers to keep an eye on your servers - Public status pages are now available! (2nd November 2016)

Overall Monitor Dashboard to display on TV and large devices - Dashboard specifically designed for Large Screens! (29th October 2016)

10 second monitors - for those who want to get closer to realtime - 10 seconds monitors are REAL! (26th October 2016)

Edit Monitor option will avoid having to delete a monitor and its logs when you want to change a setting

Editing Monitor option will restart and automatically apply settings

Android Notification App