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Screenshot of Realtime Dashboard

Screenshot of Overall Dashboard

Multi Site Tracking

We track your servers from multiple locations!
Our algorithms randomly select a location to do the check
If one of our server analyzers go down, its no problem, another one will do the check
This is all done seemlessly!

Current Locations

North Carolina, United States
Calfornia, United States
BHS, Canada
India - Removed due to excessive false positives
London, U.K
Trinidad (coming soon)

Realtime Analysis

You can see our analyzers at work in realtime
You'll also see which analyzer location was used to determine your uptime result


You'll receive notifications when your site goes offline and when it comes back online via email. It's that simple!
Please make sure to whitelist our current email address:

We're tackling the infinite problem

Our uptime software tackles and solves the port limitation problems helping us to scale very easily if the need arises

We're powered by

Many different proven technologies
HTML 5, Javascript, jQuery, JAVA and more!